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The Traces of the Environment and Textures - TSUKIDE -




千葉県市原市月出にある月出工舎(旧月出小学校)の体育館改修(展覧会作品名「重なりゆく記憶 -月出工舎体育館リノベーション-」)を計画していく中で、この体育館へと連続する月出の環境をテクスチャーとして読み解いていった作品のシリーズ。


ICHIHARA ART X MIX 2020+  Exhibitioin

Nov. 11th - Dec. 26th,  2021 

Venue: ARS Tsukide, Chiba in Japan​​

These are works that attempt to express architectural design concepts in ways that transcend architectural methods.

In Tsukide, Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan, there is ARS Tsukide, which converted the closed elementary school into the art space. In the process of renovating an elementary school gymnasium into a multipurpose space, I have created a series of works that analyzed the Tsukide environment, which is continuous to the gymnasium, from the perspective of texture.The works consist of the video installation and tactile drawings made of clay.

The drawings are drawn with slight depth and shading, sensitively capturing the landscape and the relationship between each place in Tsukide that remains in my memory.And these drawings attempt to extract the tactile sensation itself of Tsukide's environment.

I filmed and edited the elements that compose the landscape and texture of Tsukide, and created the installation that can be experienced spatially as the texture of the environment projected with light and sound. By breaking up the images into black and white, I express them not as images but as light phenomena. People can walk around inside the installation. Surrounded by floating light and sound, people perceives the texture of Tsukide's environment.

These works, while based on architecture, are works in the process of exploring original spatial expression beyond the framework of architecture.

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